Wind gusts, sustained winds and wind-blown debris can all cause substantial wind damage to your roof. Rain, hail and fallen trees can spell even further damage and destruction. Acting fast to replace missing roofing material and repair the roof should happen immediately to prevent collateral water damage to the underlying layers of the roofing system, to the structural components of the building and to the interior of your home. A majority of wind damage starts at the vulnerable edge of a roof, but can work its way to the center as accumulative wind damage weakens more and more of the roof’s total area. When you notice or suspect your roof may be damaged, contact the wind damage roof repair professionals at Joe Ochoa Roofing of Stafford, Texas. You’ll be glad you did.

What to Do When You Suspect Wind Damage to Your Roof

After a storm or wind event in your area, complete a thorough inspection from the ground of your roof, paying particular attention to missing, broken, cracked and damaged shingles. Also look for damage around vulnerable areas such as chimney flues, storm gutters, vent pipes, compromised patches, metal flashing and the edges of your roof. Don’t forget to conduct an inspection inside your home, looking for evidence of leaks and water damage. Note the locations of any sign of water damage, including stains, coloring, peeled off paint and dripping water, so that it may be traced to exterior of your home. The third step is to call reliable roofing repair experts—Joe Ochoa Roofing of Stafford, Texas. Our technicians are trained to safely and comprehensively complete inspections of roofs to spot the hard-to-see damage caused by wind.

Wind Damage Roof Repair Service

Wind can cause multiple problems with roofs, including:

  • Damaged and bent metal flashing.
  • Damaged ridge vents.
  • Degraded composition shingles.
  • Loosen and compromised roofing material.
  • Missing and blown off shingles.
  • Peeled off shingles.
  • Torn shingles.

Wind can also blow down trees and large branches onto your roof, causing severe structural damage to edges, beams, structural supports and the house itself.

Serving the Stafford, Texas, Area for Roof Wind Roof Repair Service

Locally owned and operated, Joe Ochoa Roofing has successfully repaired and installed high-quality roofs for hundreds of homeowners in the Sugar Land area since 1971. Joe Ochoa is a lifelong roofing expert who prides himself on quality workmanship. Ochoa Roofing is an Accredited Business since 1996 by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ Rating.

Joe Ochao Roofing services the Stafford, Texas, area, including the communities of:

  • Houston
  • Alvin
  • Bellaire
  • Clear Lake
  • Friendswood
  • The Heights
  • Katy
  • Memorial
  • Missouri City
  • Pearland
  • Richmond
  • River Oaks
  • Rossenberg
  • Stafford
  • Sugar Land
  • The Woodlands
  • West University
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