Siding is the most cost effective way to protect your home from the elements, save on energy costs, and attain the satisfaction that comes from knowing you will never have to paint again!

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We are a supplier of all James Hardie© fiber cement products. James Hardie is a world leader in fiber-cement technology with over 100 years of experience and has sold siding and backerboard products that are now on over three million homes in the United States and Canada.

Fiber cement siding products have the look and character of natural wood. Fiber cement is lightweight and resilient, resistant to water, fire, UV rays, salt spray and termites. It will not crack, rot, or delaminate. It is manufactured without asbestos, fiberglass, or formaldehyde. Fiber cement holds paint up to three times longer than wood. As a premium alternative to vinyl, consider fiber cement for your new home or residing job.

Prestaining of all materials is available. Custom color matching and extra touch-up material also available upon request.

We prefers James Hardie® fiber-cement siding products!

Credibility heads the list. James Hardie is the only company in the fiber-cement industry that can call on 20 years of proven field experience in markets all over the world. “That’s very important,” says John Dybsky, Marketing Manager. “For 20 years we’ve continually modified and enhanced our proprietary technology creating the most durable siding product available. Volume home builders want companies and products they can trust. The fact that James Hardie products have maintained an outstanding performance record globally for over 20 years, and are continuing this performance record in the U.S. on over 2.5 million homes, provide a level of credibility that builders are looking for.”

Selection, with the industry’s broadest offering of textures and profiles, is another reason James Hardie is preferred. The firm is the only fiber-cement company to provide all materials for a full-wrap house, including HardiePlank® lap siding, HardiePanel® vertical siding, Hardie Shingleside®, HardieTrim® boards and HardieSoffit® panels and fascia.

Innovation is another key. James Hardie operates the only fiber-cement research and development facility in North America. “That facility,” says Dybsky, “has developed such innovative concepts as our PrimePlusTMfactory-applied sealer and priming system, the ColorPlus® Collection of colors and stain for lap and shingle-panel siding, HeritageTM Shingleside® panels, vented HardieSoffit, 4/4 (3/4-inch)HardieTrim, and the soon-to-be-released HLD TechnologyTM, which will offer a lightweight fiber-cement trim board in a 5/4 (1-inch) thickness.”

Support, in the form of national supply capability and strong national branding efforts, is an additional builder plus. James Hardie provides national distribution, with six production facilities across the country and a large field sales force devoted almost exclusively to supporting builder technical requirements. The firm has also worked with third-party manufacturers to develop user-friendly tools, such as a Makita circular saw and a HARDIBLADETM from Hitachi Power Tools.


James Hardie

 Wood Based

Vinyl Siding

Non-Combustible X  
50-Year Warranty X  
Rot Resistant X  X
Impervious to Termites X  X
Non-Toxic to Inhabitants X X 
Resistant to Warping and Shrinkage X  
Will Not Melt With Exposure to Heat Source X X 
Highly Durable and Resistant to Minor Impact X  
Resistant to Wind, Rain, Hail, Snow and Sun X  
Real Woodgrain Look and Feel X X 
Easily Painted X  
Environmentally Friendly X X 
Qualified Post-Purchase Consumer Satisfaction X  

James Hardie© Fiber Cement Product Guide

Hardiplank Lap Siding

– 5 ¼” x 12′, Select Cedarmill
– 6 ¼” x 12′, Select Cedarmill
– 7 ¼” x 12′, Select Cedarmill
– 8 ¼” x 12′, Select Cedarmill
– 9 ¼” x 12′, Select Cedarmill

– 5 ¼” x 12′, Smooth
– 6 ¼” x 12′, Smooth
– 7 ¼” x 12′, Smooth
– 8 ¼” x 12′, Smooth
– 9 ¼” x 12′, Smooth

Hardipanel Vertical Siding

– 4′ x 8′, Cedarmill
– 4′ x 9′, Cedarmill
– 4′ x 10′, Cedarmill

– 4′ x 8′, Smooth
– 4′ x 9′, Smooth
– 4′ x 10′, Smooth


– Staggered-Edge Panel, 6″ width
– Straight-Edge Panel, 6″ width

– 6″ width x 18″ height, 8″ reveal
– 8″ width x 18″ height, 8″ reveal
– 12″ width x 18″ height, 8″ reveal


– Non-Vented 12″ x 12′ x ¼”, Select Cedarmill
– Non-Vented 16″ x 12′ x ¼”, Select Cedarmill
– Non-Vented 24″ x 8′ x ¼”, Select Cedarmill
– Non-Vented 48″ x 8′ x ¼”, Select Cedarmill

– Non-Vented 12″ x 12′ x ¼”, Smooth
– Non-Vented 16″ x 12′ x ¼”, Smooth
– Non-Vented 24″ x 8′ x ¼”, Smooth
– Non-Vented 48″ x 8′ x ¼”, Smooth

– Vented 12″ x 12′ x ¼”, Select Cedarmill
– Vented 16″ x 12′ x ¼”, Select Cedarmill
– Vented 24″ x 8′ x ¼”, Select Cedarmill

– Vented 12″ x 12′ x ¼”, Smooth
– Vented 16″ x 12′ x ¼”, Smooth
– Vented 24″ x 8′ x ¼”, Smooth

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